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Lucky "Earl" Jones: 2002-2014

2014-06-06 23:34:49 by Peruraptor

Old Friend

Birthday Post

2013-09-21 02:30:57 by Peruraptor

I turned 18 today, and in celebration of becoming a man, I'm uploading a couple of screenshots for my ultrashort Madness Day animation.
Here is the second screenshot.
Here is the full Animation.

Birthday Post

Level 400

2013-05-04 16:04:09 by Peruraptor

I have reached level 400 in Madness: Project Nexus.

If anyone's gotten farther than this, I'd be interested to know.

Level 400

Happy Mayan New Year

2012-12-22 12:50:38 by Peruraptor

Well that was an uneventful apocalypse.

Project Nexus: Genocider Medal

2012-05-30 15:26:21 by Peruraptor

And that's a rap.

Final Stats

Rounds: 60
Kills: 53597
Level: 298
Stats: Maxed
Health: 314
Weapons in Armoury: 437
Mercenaries: 12
Money: 4082645

And here the Planet Bravo Animation, for anyone (everyone) who missed it the first time around

Edit: I made a small Madness Animation over the span of a week. It's in my Dumping Grounds as of Now, but comment if you want a link or if I should submit it to the Portal.

Edit: New Artwork in time for Madness Day

Edit: I recently reached round 41 of Project Nexus with fists only.

Project Nexus: Genocider Medal

Planet Bravo Camp

2011-09-11 00:24:28 by Peruraptor


The audio sucks, so I strongly suggest turning off your volume.
The camp heads improperly rendered the movie, so you can see outside the proper borders: please disregard this.
There is a bit of lag towards the ending, just a warning. 234.swf

16th Birthday!

Confusion ensues as I try to figure out how to navigate the crazy new redesign.


2011-06-30 00:02:55 by Peruraptor

I accidentally shot my Macbook with an airsoft last night. Now it's going to cost about $500 to fix the screen.

I made an animation for planet bravo camp

2010-06-26 15:42:47 by Peruraptor

it had crappy sound effects as I was only allowed to use FX from one site, and I had to make my own music, but I am resonably happy with the results

you will get a link when it appears on their site


hi there

2010-04-29 00:17:03 by Peruraptor

ive been surfing newgrounds for a good three years, but I just signed up today